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Hawaii Honeymoon Part VI – The Luckiest Cockroach

We ended our stay at the St. Regis on a high note – a final dip in that gorgeous pool and Sunday brunch on the terrace overlooking the mountains.

It was a stunning contrast to the sunset we had watched the previous night.

The buffet was absolutely delicious – any breakfast food you could think of, most with a Hawaiian touch. My favorites included ahi tuna with avocado puree, French toast topped with coconut shavings and macadamia nuts, and the delectable dessert buffet with the best macaroons I have ever had.

We headed down to the Sheraton for our Poipu Beach experience with full stomachs. Driving the North Shore for the last time was bittersweet – I silently bid farewell to the lush mountains and greenery. If we ever come back to Hawaii, I definitely want to stay there again.

Last glimpses of the hotel…

The South Shore was beautiful, but definitely not as lush and green as the north. One benefit of our night at the Sheraton, however, was the beach, which was gorgeous. We had a perfect lazy afternoon:

Swinging in a hammock

Boogie boarding in the ocean.

Watching a monk seal nap on shore and then unexpectedly wake up and disappear into the water. 

As darkness fell, we dressed up for dinner and headed to a restaurant called Roy’s, recommended by a coworker of Seth’s.

The grounds of the resort were gorgeous at night. 

And dinner at Roy’s was delicious. 

As we walked back into our room that evening, we were greeted with an unpleasant surprise. A huge cockroach sat right in the middle of the floor, as if it had been waiting for us. After a valiant battle, S killed the bug, but soon after, we saw another one. S insisted on calling the front desk to see if they could do anything.

Suffice it to say, that call was a good decision. Barely half an hour later, we found ourselves in a gorgeous suite, one of the hotel’s best. A huge living room with a bar, a luxurious bedroom with a king-size bed, and a bathroom that was nearly the size of our previous room, with a fancy tub and gold-plated fixtures. Oh, and it had sweeping views of the ocean and a 20-foot lanai. As the bellman dropped of our bags, he said, “wow, someone here must really love you.”

This is about half of our lanai:

Watching the sunrise from the lanai

Living room

S will be your bartender this evening 🙂

A last glimpse of the sunrise before heading out.

Turned out that cockroach was our biggest stroke of luck of the entire honeymoon!


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