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Hawaii Honeymoon Parts IV and V – Near Death Experiences and Stunning Sunsets

Bad decisions happen to good people. And day 4 in Kauai was ours.

The Napali Coast is gorgeous – an island must-see. Most tourists take a boat tour, or perhaps a raft that can get them into some of the smaller caves. Not S and I: boats and rafts were not adventurous enough. Instead, we decided to kayak the Napali Coast – all 17 miles of it.

Our kayaking experience to this date had consisted of a two-hour lesson in a marsh. The Napali Coast takes 12-13 hours in the open ocean. Looking back, it was clearly a disaster waiting to happen. I knew we had make a mistake when we met the 7 other members of our kayaking group. Each one was big, muscular, and athletic; two were marathon runners, another was a pro white water rafter. S and I don’t even go to the gym – no way we could compare with this crew.

Here is a short summary of our kayak trip: we paddled too slowly and had to be separated. Shortly after, I got very seasick and almost passed out. But we still had to finish the trip. Was it worth it? I’m not sure. Sadly, I don’t have any photos, as we were too busy trying to survive, but here’s some of the fancy room service food we treated ourselves to after dragging our sore bodies back to the hotel that night.

Now, on to happier experiences. After we barely survived our kayaking trip, we promised each other to take it easy the next day. But if you know us, you won’t be surprised to hear that we did not, in fact, take it easy.

A couple of days earlier, S had mentioned reading about some heaius, or remains of ancient Hawaiian religious structures, located not too far from our hotel. He’s a big fan of all historical sights, and today was our last chance to see them. So, being a considerate wife, I agreed to give up my dreams of a beach/pool day and got ready to go out. 

We snapped a few pics at the hotel on our way – I was already getting sad about having to leave the next day and wanted to capture as many memories as I could.

Aren’t these views just perfect?

Once we got to the general location of the heaius, we had to scout each one out using our guidebook’s directions. Most of them turned up pretty quickly, while others were better hidden. We found all but one, and they generally looked something like this.

We spent a few hours driving between heiaus and learning about ancient Hawaiian culture. Fun facts like: back in the day, letting your shadow cross the shadow of a chief was punishable by death. Or: if a rat took a newborn’s umbilical cord, he’d turn out to be a thief, so the ancient Hawaiians took huge pains to hide them safely. Who knew?

We got back to the hotel just in time to get ready for our most glamorous Hawaii meal: dinner at the super-fancy Jean Georges restaurant, the Kauai Grill, located right at the hotel. S had made a reservation right around sunset, so we could watch the unforgettable view.

The food was delicious – definitely our best meal of the honeymoon. Watermelon and goat cheese salad, spiced chicken samosas, yummy  Wagyu beef and Moi fish, white chocolate Pavlova, and the most amazing cocktails.

And the views…absolutely incredible. We timed our reservation just right – the sun set before us, illuminating the mountains.

 The ocean turned pink.

The sky lit on fire. Just look at those colors…I still can’t believe that was real. 

This amazing last night at the St. Regis definitely made up for the questionable Napali Coast kayak experience!!!

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