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How to Remove Wrinkles and Make Your Skin Glow?

Wrinkles, one of the most common problems of every aged woman. This problem is caused due to the folding of the skin. This folding is caused due to the lower production of protein like collagen and elastin. The skin becomes thinner due to the folding and your skin lose the capability of resistivity.

The factors that will cause you wrinkles are environmental change, dehydration, toxins and aging. Having wrinkles on your face is normal and there is no way to remove wrinkles from your face. But all you can do is reduce the speed of wrinkles. There are some ways how can you stop the speed of your wrinkles

Use Sunscreen

Most of the people already have knowledge about sunscreens as it protects us from skin cancer. The sunscreen protects us from the harmful UV rays. Many studies found that not only from harmful UV rays but the sunscreens will also protect us from skin aging. Though most of the people prefer wearing a sunscreen on beaches. There are many sunscreen lotions are available in the market which will help you to protect your skin from aging. there are some best wrinkle cream companies available in the market.

How to Remove Wrinkles and Make Your Skin Glow?

Reduce the Sugar Intake in a Day

Still, some studies are going on how the sugar gives their impact on skin aging. The sugar present in your body performs a process called glycation. The process of glycation produces the end product called advanced glycation which is not good for a human`s skin and causes aging of the skin. The advance glycation breaks down the collagen in your body and you start looking like an old person. The skin aging process is also having a link with some food-making processes like frying and grilling. To reduce the intake of sugar and oily food because it will increase your skin glow and provide you a  fresh and wrinkle-free skin.

Say No to Smoking

This habit will also help you to fight with the other harmful diseases. There are a lot of people who don’t know that smoking will cause you wrinkles and increase your skin aging rate. Many of the studies that are performed on twins will show that the two people of the same age have a lot of differences in their faces as the smoker will have more wrinkles than the non-smoker one. These studies proved that smoking will cause you wrinkles and increase your skin aging rate.

Use Coconut Oil on Your Face

Coconut oil which is a natural emollient will help you in reducing skin folds. When you apply coconut oil to your face it will quickly fill up the skin folds of your epidermis and fill them with nourishment. Applying coconut oil to your face not only nourishes your skin but also helps to hold the oil on your face. Some studies proved that coconut oil is the best solution for skin wrinkles and aging.

Increase Your Beta Carotene Level

Some debates and lectures are still in action about how the beta carotene will protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Beta carotene and retinol are the two main and most common ingredients of every anti fairness cream because they will increase your skin glow and protect it from external damages like UV rays. For increasing the beta carotene in your body, you don’t need to apply only fairness cream to your face but you can also take external supplements that are enriched with beta carotene. After using the supplements you can easily see the effect on your skin. Only 30 milligrams of the supplement will work for you.

Use Lemon Balm Leaf Tea

This is the newest and latest method of fighting with wrinkles and skin aging. Some studies proved that the people who drink lemon balm leaf tea will have higher skin quality than normal people. The results proved that the lemon balm leaf tea will make your skin elastic and improves the tissue damages.

Change Your Sleeping Position

The problem of wrinkles also depends on the position in which you sleep. This process is called compression. The process of compression is caused because of the pressure applied by the face on the pillow and this process gives their effect every single night. This process makes your skin weaker and produces wrinkles on your skin. When you sleep on your back this compression process does not take place.

Wash Your Face on Regular Basis

Washing your face on a daily basis will not take much time from your busy schedule. When you remove heavy makeup from your face some of the makeup will be left to your face as your skin absorbs some of it. Nowadays some facial creams contain a harmful chemical which increase your skin aging rate. Just take two or three minutes from your hectic day and wash your face with water. Avoid using harsh scrubs and use water instead of scrubs. Just wash your face with plain water.

Protect Your Skin from Ultraviolet Rays

Ultraviolet rays are responsible for wrinkles and skin aging. The ultraviolet rays are responsible for wrinkles on your neck, arms, face, and waist. Always prefer tanning lotions while you go for outings. You can also prefer sun tanning lotion when you go out for sunbaths. Also wear hats and wear full shirts and jackets. Wearing full shirts and jackets will help your skin to absorb the required amount of sunshine but do not allow the sunshine to make wrinkles on your skin.


With the final words, we will suggest you keep these points in mind and protect yourself with wrinkles. The early age wrinkles will take away your beauty and make you look like an old grandmom. If you are more concerned about your skin then you must follow these steps and keep these points in your mind. Nowadays everybody has a very hectic daily routine and people forget to take care of their skin.