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How’s Married Life? Just Great, Thank You.

Today marks exactly a month of marriage for S and me, and in honor of the occasion I am pondering that much-maligned question: how is married life?

To be honest, I was prepared for life after the wedding to be much the same as life before the wedding. We’d still be living together in our tiny studio in NYC, still working our “fun” jobs in finance, still spending time with our old friends. And indeed, all of these things have remained the same. But still, it feels different.

Ever since September 5th, we’ve been happier and more in love with each other. Less bickering, more hugs and kisses. Joyful, secure, passionate warmth enveloping both of us. I don’t want to get too sentimental, so I’ll stop trying to capture this intangible feeling in words. But it’s definitely different – perhaps this is what people call the honeymoon period? I’m sure it’ll end soon enough, but for now, I’m enjoying every minute.

Do I miss the wedding? I often worried that I would, because it was absolutely perfect. But I haven’t so far – I don’t want to jinx myself, but I’m just too busy to get sentimental right now. In fact, I’m relieved to have put wedding planning behind me.

I do enjoy looking at the photos – the smiling faces of all our nearest and dearest gathered together, celebrating with us. And speaking of, I just have one complaint: our pro photos still aren’t here! We just got a blog preview last night, which I promise to share soon, but still waiting for the full gallery. 

Besides that one tiny annoyance, though, married life is, in a word, incredible. For those of you who are still on the other side: based on my limited experience, I think you’ll like it : )

For my fellow married women…how’s married life? Have you found it to be truly different from your pre-wedding existence, or is it much the same? Also, do you get that question so often that you’ve grown tired of hearing it?